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This Portsmouth History Center Digital Archive is part of a joint effort between the Portsmouth 375th Celebration Legacy Committee, Portsmouth Free Public Library and Portsmouth Historical Society, under The Portsmouth History Center. The History Center has been established to preserve Portsmouth, Rhode Island's long, rich history. In cooperation with The Digital Ark, the History Center’s digitization program allows close examination of historic documents and fragile artifacts without risk of damage to the originals.

The Portsmouth History Center is the "hub" where you can find and explore online resources for Portsmouth's history.

If you desire more information or have historical documents or artifacts related to Portsmouth history, please contact the Portsmouth 375th Legacy Committee.

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Photographic Album

Index to Portraits.
1. D. G.T.S. White
2. Mr. & Mrs. Weight & Daughter
3. Mrs. Weight
4. Lidora A. Sisson
5. Levi Sisson
6. Ellen A. Sisson
7. Ann…